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Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Linux Distros

Before we jump into the actual distro list, first lets take a look at 32bit vs 64bit versions and the different desktop environments.


32bit vs 64bit:

Each & every release of Linux distro are released in 2 variants namely 32bit & 64bit. So which variant to download, install & use?

You should use,

  • 32bit – If your PC has a 32bit processor
  • 64bit – If your PC has a 64bit processor

In addition to that, 32bit variants can support only upto 4GB of RAM. So again,

  • 32bit – If your PC has 4GB or less than 4GB of RAM
  • 64bit – If your PC has more than 4GB of RAM


32bit variants usually have the name pattern similar to,

  • DISTRONAME-x86.iso
  • DISTRONAME-i386.iso
  • DISTRONAME-i586.iso
  • DISTRONAME-i686.iso

64bit variants usually have the name pattern similar to,

  • DISTRONAME-x86_64.iso
  • DISTRONAME-amd64.iso

In simple terms, if the file name has the number 64 then its probably the 64-bit variant.

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Regex to get youtube video/playlist id with time & generate embed code

To embed youtube videos in a website, the best solution is to parse a string to match for youtube url and then grab the youtube VIDEO_ID or PLAYLIST_ID from the url and then use that video id in a standard embed code.

This is one of the ultimately best regex (regular expression) pattern to get/grab/parse youtube video id from any youtube link/url.

This regex works

  1. with or without http/https
  2. with or without www
  3. with both & links

This regex can be used to grab

  1. youtube video id
  2. youtube playlist id


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