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Android Nexus USB OTG Without Root

One of the awesome features of some Android phones & tablets is the the USB OTG technology. This USB OTG technology allows us to connect USB devices to an Android device. In this tutorial, we are going to see how to connect devices to Android nexus USB OTG without root access.

OTG – What it is and what it does

  • The term OTG stands for On-The-Go and it is often called as USB OTG or just OTG.
  • OTG technology allows us to connect an Android device to USB storage devices, flash disks, mouse/keyboard or even a USB gaming controller.
  • OTG technology allows us to transfer documents, pictures, music, video etc. from the USB storage.




USB OTG Connectors


How to Connect USB Devices to Android Nexus using OTG Without Root

  1. Install a USB OTG app from Google Play store.
  2. If you are using a USB card reader, first insert the memory card in the USB card reader.
  3. Attach the USB device’s USB port to the OTG cable.
  4. Attach the OTG cable’s microUSB port to the Android Device.
  5. The app should launch automatically or else try manually launching the app.

Some users have successfully connected even 1TB USB HDD to an Android device using this method.

Note: While connecting external HDD

If you are connecting an external HDD, then first make sure that the HDD is connected to a power source if applicable.


List of OTG Android Apps

Note: Try the Free version first before buying the Paid version

Before buying the paid app, first try the free app to check if your device is working properly with that free app. If the free app is not working with your Android device then its highly likely that the paid version of the same app will also not work with your Android device.

Also kindly don’t post -ve reviews if the apps are not working with your device since there are tons of Android devices available and the developers can’t test their app with all the Android devices available. Instead contact the developer with information about your Android device & the OS version that you are running so that the developer can add support for that device.


Nexus Media Importer

Nexus Media Importer

  • Read/Write support for FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS formatted drives.
  • Read-only support for NTFS and Ext2/3/4 formatted drives.
  • Support for audio & video streaming




USB Stick Plugin-TC

USB Stick Plugin-TC

  • Read/Write support for FAT16, FAT32, exFAT and NTFS formatted drives.
  • Read-only and audio/video streaming from NTFS formatted drives.





Nexus USB OTG File Manager

Nexus USB OTG File Manager

  • Read/Write support FAT32 formatted drives.
  • Read-only support for NTFS formatted drives.




OTG Disk Explorer

OTG Disk Explorer

  • Read-only support for FAT32 formatted drives.


  • Free Version – OTG Disk Explorer Lite (File size transfer is limited to 30MB per file in this free lite version)
  • Paid Version – OTG Disk Explorer Pro




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